Dolphin Party Station 2X15” 7000W Watts SP-155BT


All-purpose speakers
with lights meant to liven up any party.

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WaveSync™ Technology
• Volume and X-Bass Controls
• 6-Band Equalizer
• LED Indicator Display
• Sound Activated Blue LED woofer lights with Dedicated
• Dual Channel Sound Board
• Main Channel: Bluetooth, USB, SD, TF, FM, or AUX
• Auxiliary Inputs: 3.5mm and RCA Jacks
• Three 1/4” Microphone Jacks with Vol, Treble, Bass, Echo,
Delay Control
• Dual 15” Woofers with 50mm Voice Coils and 42.4 oz
AlNiCo Magnets
• Dual Tweeters with 10.6 oz AlNiCo Magnets
• Music Power: 7000 Watts
• Trapezoidal 15mm MDF Wood Cabinet with Trolley
Handle and Wheels
• Included Remote Control

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Weight 79 lbs
Dimensions 52.7 × 19.4 × 14 in